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"The white porcelain does not come out when water enters, and the ashes inside become messy. That should not be pitiful."

This is the word of a friend who runs a stone dealer in his hometown of Toyama. When I contacted him, who was interested in urns and also works on tombstones, he could give me some hints, and he told me something unexpected.

"I think people will retain their souls even if they die. I don't want them to be ruined, let alone drowning when rainwater collects in the urn. That's why the urn is meaningless unless the rainwater is drained."

After hearing the heartfelt grief of my friend, the first thing I worked on was researching well-drained soil so as not to damage the ashes. Crispy soil is suitable for letting water out, but it is hard to harden and easily cracks in general processes. Therefore, we baked the normal 1230 degrees at the maximum high temperature of 1300 degrees to obtain hardness that is hard to break even if dropped.

The drainage of the baked jar was satisfactory, but it also took time to find a suitable glaze. However, from the beginning I decided to adopt the "colors that should become the tradition of the 21st century" that had already been announced in the ceramic wine glasses that should be called my masterpiece. I chose 10 colors like wine glasses because I wanted to be able to choose one color I like.

With the spread of living funerals and graves, it would be nice to be able to decide which urn to put in. If you can decide for yourself, I want something cool. For those people, or for those who want to remember the tastes of the deceased, we have created an exciting urn to choose from.

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