LAVA Flower Vase

When solo exhibitions are held in the USA and Europe, flower vases are often bought as sculptural works.

"Where shall I put this in my house?"

I imagine it to many people like that and it is bought.

There was a case that I was touched by it being a fashionable way of thinking.


However, I think that the old Japanese people are the same.

I am decorating a vase between the floors of my house.

Now I do not have a tokonoma in my apartment or apartment life, but originally my Japanese also had that feeling.


This time I put a one-wheeled bird. Small works are difficult to get flowers with thin mouth.

If it is rather thin stem, it may enter.

But you can decorate it as it is.

Because it has a presence in things.


Small sculptures.

Please decorate it in your favorite place.


I made it for the first time in a while, but it is cute to put a single bow.


Ryota Aoki, Potter


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