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Kiseto Sakazuki

Price 22,000yen 1% %point added
Item # O-KS-1

Unique texture of Kiseto and the slim sihlouette
makes harmony in this small piece.

■Size: Approx φ72-75mm x h63-65mm
*Each pot is made by hand and slight variations in the size may occur.

*A special holiday box will be together with all Sakazuki items on show in the WEB EXHIBITION vol.016. Please be notified that this will only be available during this EXHIBITION, and that the numbers of boxes will be limited.

*All works fired by the wood-fire kiln uses unique clay which are extremely close to raw soil in the wild. For this material most wood-fire kiln works are not as water resistant as general tablewares at sale. Please be aware when considering purchase or use of these works that they may cause water leaks and stain when used.

<< Preventing leaks >> One way to prevent leakage is to boil the work under water with cooked rice for over 30min to an hour. The starch should seep through the ware and may lighten the leakage. This does not attend to all works and time needed to boil the work may vary.

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