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Mirror clays Sakazuki

Price 20,900yen 1% %point added
Item # OSA-9

Shinny and colorful SAKAZUKI is full of beauty that captures peoples heart.

The shape of it makes the aroma stays and it easily fits inside your hand.
The bottom of SAKAZUKI is made heavier that makes it very stable.
With the shinny looks of SAKAZUKI makes it look like a metal yet as soon as you touch it you will feel a warmth and a smooth that you know for sure this is a ceramic ware.
It comes with a wooden box. Please send this to a special one.

*All the wooden boxies of SAKAZUKI have Ryota Aoki's signature and it's drawing on.
(Photo of the wooden box is a sample)


*All of SAKAZUKI are hand made, the size might slightly changes.

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